What’s The New Norm?

As the country begins to find its way back to a new normal so does the Wedding Industry.  The one thing that remains to be true however are some small businesses are still struggling to stay afloat.

As we move forward nobody really knows what lays ahead. Will business be back to what we know or will there be provisions to our standards?  As an entrepreneur you have to adapt to your surroundings to come out on top. Sometimes this means you have to reinvent yourself, your brand, maybe even your concept at times. This is not always a bad thing in life.  Yes I know a lot of us don’t like change in our routines, however if you want to make it in your industry you need to adapt.  

The one thing we all know is that couples are still falling in LOVE and will still be getting MARRIED.  So let’s all do what we do best and give them what they need to have the WEDDING of their dreams.  

So now the question is HOW do we do this?  First and foremost we need to let these couples know we are here for them. This is where BridalTown Productions can help. As some of you may know BridalTown Productions has been producing Bridal Shows for over 10 years.  Well like I said above sometimes you have to REINVENT yourself, your brand, or in this case YOUR CONCEPT.  And that is just what we have done.  

Welcome to the New Normal “BridalTown Productions’ Virtual Bridal Shows”

I am pleased to say that our team has come together and have come up with a twist for the Wedding Industry.  Not only have we reinvented our show concept, but we have a whole new concept for our website and can not wait to introduce them to you. 

I hope you will join me in continuing to build one of the BEST industries, The Wedding Industry, as we embark on new and exciting ventures on making Couples Dreams come true.  

As we’ve all heard this before from time to time  “WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.” So let’s stick together and overcome.